Hello, I am

Kristi Ramot

I´m a one-woman marketing band for indie game developers.

You can focus on developing

I´ll take care of the marketing


Keeping your players happy and active on Steam and Discord.

Social Media

Daily content updates in social media starting from day 1 of development.


Spreading your game like wildfire to content creators of Youtube.


Need 300 custom made emails sent to journalists? Consider it done!


Getting your foot between the publisher´s door.


Sometimes all you need is just the right advice. I can give you that.

I love indie games

About Me

Helping indies has been my personal goal for the past 7 years. I´ve been fortunate to work with amazing people and projects.

  • Successfully launched Voidship: The Long Journey.
  • Secured substantial funding for a non-profit gamedev organization.
  • Built and ran a game design curriculum for a university.
  • Annual participation in Casual Connect as an indie game judge.

Skills you can trust

I'm very happy with the results. She put together a solid marketing plan and knew how to get the most bang for one´s buck on an indie scale project. Kristi improved the Steam page, researched and contacted a long list of influencers, helped build the community and even produced a trailer. She handled all my pre-launch marketing needs and gave me the time to confidently finish the game.
Cydonian Games

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